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Lab Health Email
Utilizing modern survey  technology, we minimize disruption and maximize data collection  to give you the best insight into your laboratory overview.
Lab Health Email
Arrange an in-depth consultation to discuss your report and plan for the future of your laboratory.

Apply for funding with the data you need to support your business case.

What is Lab Health?

Under-performing or unreliable machines affect your business performance and your reputation.
If you are unaware of the risks of doing nothing then Instron’s Lab Health Check can help 
you build a successful business case for upgrading old equipment.

Discuss Your Lab Health with Instron 
If you aren’t convinced just yet, you can learn more about improving your Lab Health below.


¿Dispone de equipos en los que puede confiar?

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¿Hace uso de sus equipos de manera eficaz?

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¿Está cumpliendo con las necesidades de sus clientes?

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